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Welcome to the website of author Nic Brown

Check out the newest chapter in the
Werewolf for Hire series- "Blood Born"

Michael Warren isn't your ordinary detective, he's a werewolf.
But before he met his partners, Tabitha and Sam Edwards (she’s a witch and he’s the I.T. guy),
Michael was a young man in love trying to prove himself. Unfortunately, when your first love is the wife of a powerful
werewolf in your father's pack, things can become complicated quickly. 
Now Michael must face his first true test when he's challenged to a duel.
For Michael it's a matter of the heart. For his father, the Pack Master, it's a matter of honor and power so important
that even if the young werewolf wins the battle he may lose his life.

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Stu Boling and the Lap Dance of Death!
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Recent posts

Star Wars Episode VII: The Hope That It Doesn't Suck

The announcement of the start of production for the newest “Star Wars” film - Episode VII: “The Return of the Milkable Disney Cash Cow - has filled me with mixed emotions. I grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy. I remember my mom taking me to see the first film at a small movie theater in Frankfort, Kentucky when I was just seven. I’d been particularly good and she said that we could stay and watch it twice if I enjoyed it. Needless to say my younger self didn’t just enjoy it, I was beside myself with glee from it and looking back I appreciate her staying to see it again at the very next show, even more now than I did then.


My Granny and Jean Claude Van Damme

-By Nic Brown-

My mother and father divorced not long after I was born. Mom, working full time for the state of Kentucky’s Mental Health Department at the time, had my grandmother come live with us to help take care of me. Not seeing my father very often, and with Mom working a lot, this meant that my primary caregiver growing up was Granny. She was a sweet little lady with an odd sense of humor that must have rubbed off on me because I certainly didn’t pick up my penchant for off-color jokes from my strictly religious mother.... READ MORE...

Ebert and me… or How Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel got me into horror movies.

By Nic Brown

A lot of people may know that I attribute “The Fog” (John Carpenter’s film, not that crap remake from a few years back) with being one of the films that really got me into horror movies. Well it is, don’t get me wrong, but before “The Fog” ever rolled in, there was something else that helped kick start my love of cinema macabre... READ MORE...


Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

-Review by Nic Brown (photos Courtesy of Mark Mawston and the producers of "Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan)-

When moviegoers think of special effects, the first thing that often jumps to mind is the amazing array of computer generated images populating some of modern cinema’s biggest blockbusters. From the lifelike dinosaurs of Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” to the fantastic alien landscapes and creatures of James Cameron’s “Avatar”, these films take the viewer into a world of imagination using both their stories and their special effects. But can you name the people who made the dinosaurs of “Jurassic Park”, the aliens of “Avatar”, or even the CGI half shark/half octopus of Syfy’s “Sharktopus”? 



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